This GPS-SPEEDSAILING site is for sale.

The LocoSys GT-31, GW-52 and wrist worn GW-60 were all designed to measure your speed across the water with the highest level of accuracy. As I no longer sell these products this website is now for sale. Please contact me via Facebook for more details

Matty York, Max 2s = 47.2 kts

Matt York (K61) sails a Starboard W44, Point-7 AC-ONE sails & Black Project fins

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Anthony Todd, Max 2s = 49.0 kts

Anthony Todd sails a JP Speed 45, Neil Pryde Evo Speed sails and Z-Fins

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Jim Crossley, Max 2s = 49.6 kts

Jim Crossley sails a Moo custom board, Loft Speed Blade sails and Gasoil fins

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