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GPS Speed is ran by Tristan Haskins. Tristan is a keen windsurfer with max speeds in excess of 43.5 knots and an average 5 x 10s speed of 41.61 knots. When you are thinking of buying a LocoSys GW-52 (the replacement to the popular GT31) please consider buying it from someone who both uses it, and supports the local sailing scene.

We’d like to thank Marcia York and Zara Davis for a vast majority of the photos on this website.

GPS Speedsailing Data Loggers

Tristan Haskins – GPS Speedsailing

The GW-52 is the recognised GPS unit for windsurf and kiteboarding speed records.

  • Want to know how far and HOW FAST you have sailed on your kiteboard, windsurfer, landyacht?
  • Want to post your best speeds on GPS-speedsurfing.com / GPS-kitesurfing.com?
  • Want to know who is the fastest windsurfer, kiteboarder on your local lake?

Why not buy your LocoSys GW-52 GPS unit from GPS-SPEED.co.uk? We have supplied the older unit, the GT31, to the UK’s fastest sailors including, Dave White, Farrel O’Shea, Steve Thorp, Pete Young, Zara Davis, Jim Crossley, Stuart Trunkfield, Graham Clegg, Ian Richards, Bob Cunningham, Adam Gustafsson, Neil Hardwick, Mark Hayford, Pete Davis, Michael George, Darren Mathers, Paul Burgess, Chris Bates, Howard Rowson (“The Weatherman”), Paul Simmons and Mark Bailey