It’s here ! GW-52 arrived

Hi everyone. The good news is that the team at LocoSys have been good to their word and I have now received my sample of the new GW-52. The plan is simple, test it, test it some more, then, if it’s good enough (and I have no doubt to think otherwise) we will start selling them online again.

GW-52 has arrived. GPS for windsurf speedsailing

Review of the new GW-52 coming soon

I do not have a PUBLIC RELEASE date yet, but when I do I will post on here and FACEBOOK. At that time I will start taking DEPOSITS (refundable) to try and satisfy the initial demand in the first delivery. At this time, I have nothing to say about the unit other than it’s smaller than the GT-31 and it hasn’t got any buttons.. and mine is YELLOW. However, rest assured I will perform a thorough and unbiased review (with video) within the WEEK.

For now, that’s all folks. Watch this space for updates