Before going any further … please consider purchasing the WRIST WORN GW-60. Pop over to our store for details of the best places to buy your GW-60 online.

This page should provide all the information you need regarding the new GW-52 GPS from LocoSys Tech. The GW-52 is the replacement unit to the universally popular GT-31 and officially recognised GPS unit for International speed records on

The main differences are that the GW-52 is WINDSURF SPECIFIC – no need to find the functions you want hidden amongst the other mainly irrelevant functions. Also, the GW-52 has NO external buttons. It is controlled from a touch sensitive screen. For a list of the key functions please visit our GW-52 features page

GW-52 Video Review

We will produce a better video review of the GW-52 over the next few weeks. In the meantime, here is a very short 3 minute overview of the key operating screens and functions.

Handy GW-52 Links