No Mac support? Seriously?

No Mac support !! 🙁

I have just received confirmation that, as it stands, the new GW-52 will NOT support MAC iOs. This is quite disappointing to say the least…

What I expected/wanted was for the GW-52 to act as a MASS STORAGE DEVICE and be recognised as such by Windows or Mac… (remember, there is NO SDCard… all data gets written to the INTERNAL memory…)

What we have is a WINDOWS only UTILITY that needs installing on a Windows OS PC. The data is extracted from the device with this UTILITY in SBP format. Once extracted, it can be uploaded to GPS-Speedsurfing etc… (some people may remember a similar UTILITY from the GT-11 and 31)

What I wanted was to keep things simple… go sail… come in, plug the GW52 in to Mac or Windows PC, open a browser, visit GPS3 website then BROWSE to the file and upload the session .. NO… this is not possible.

I have expressed my concerns about this to LocoSys but, at the time of writing this, that’s how it will remain……


If I get any updates I will post ASAP