Neil Pryde Evo’s for me ….

I’ve been a loyal ambassador for Tushingham Sails for over 5 years. The X15 is still an EXCELLENT sail for anyone with genuine aspirations to reach speeds in excess of 40 knots. I’ve had nearly 44 knots on my 5.2m and 4.6m X15’s and over 42 max speed on my 5.8m. They’re easy to rig … if you follow this technique

  1. Very little downhaul
  2. LOADS of outhaul
  3. Pop cams on
  4. Bags of downhaul
  5. RELEASE outhaul

Anyone… let’s get to the point here

For 2015 I will be using the following sails.

A Neil Pryde Evo 5 (2013) 5.0m and an Evo 6 (2015) 5.4m

Neil Pryde Evo 6

Neil Pryde Evo 6 …. this is a HUGE 7.6m version.. I’ve not got mine yet ….

The Neil Pryde Evo has proven itself over and over again at Luderitz, West Kirby, The Ray and La Franqui. I’ve been lucky enough to see at first hand how fast these sails are at West Kirby….

Michael George on Neil Pryde Evo Sails

Michael George on Neil Pryde Evo 5


Ian Richards 46 knots+ at West Kirby

Ian Richards 46 knots+ at West Kirby – Evo 6


Antony Todd. Mind Blowingly fast

Antony Todd. Mind Blowingly fast – Evo 6

So next time you see me on the water I will be following this group of Superheroes down the wall hopefully in excess of 45 knots thanks, in part, to the Evo 5 and Evo 6 sails.

TUNING NOTE : If you made the a cake and everyone said it was the BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD…  next time you made it would you change the ingredients? No, you would be daft if you did. Maybe try it with a little more THIS, or a bit less THAT or add just a spoon of THE OTHER.. but don’t change everything.

Same goes for speedsailing. Remember what worked. If it’s working only change ONE thing at a time… pop in a new fin, reduce the outhaul, add some more downhaul, change the board, change sail… but JUST ONE THING.

This is what I am doing here. I now know that my STARBOARD W44 is the board for me. My mXr UFO 20 and 18cm fins work perfectly for me.. the only change I will be making the next time I hit the water is the SAILS.

Monsieur Albeau … I’m right behind you 🙂

Antoine on Neil Pryde Evo 6

Antoine on Neil Pryde Evo 6


PS – if anyone is interested in my Tushingham X15’s please click here