Windsurf Speedsailing Videos

A selection of some useful, fun and outright scary YouTube videos from the world of Speedsailing

Ben Proffitt – Idiot’s Guide to Speedsailing

Ben has been a well known and very successful windsurf for over 2 decades. Ben has been involved in most disciplines of windsurfing from the early days of freestyle and long board racing then making a clever move to wave sailing. He has only been speedsailing for a couple of years and he’s already smashed through 49 knots (2 second Max speed of 49.25 knots). Ben’s personal bests can be found here at

Ben Proffitt – Part 2 – Idiots Guide

Zara Davis – World Record Run 2017

Zara has been a key feature in pushing the limits of wome’s speedsailing breaking the world record on several occassions. Zara has a current PB of 47.31 knots over 250m. For more information on Zara’s personal best windsurfing speeds visit (click here)

Tristan Haskins – too windy .. too broad .. too scared maybe !

I’m not up there with the Fastest … but you got to give it a go … Wells Next the Sea (Norfolk). You can view my personal best windsurf speeds on the website.